Feathers & Lips

from by KEN mode



I'll never understand that old butcher mentality: the warrior, the brave, the hero. Bully. Coward. I'm filled with this overwhelming instinct that I can break you: shredded ligaments, bone by bone. C'mon rough-rider, you want to hurt me, so bad? You’re just a mouth piece for cruelty and greed; always the perfect "man". A malice of forethought - there are strength in lies. Too many terrible things, but no, I will not yield. Let's document a moment that never happened. Just look at him admiring his excess - intensely pointless unhappiness - and that wasn't a rhetorical question, that was bait. A collection of weaknesses; conditioned unfurling hate. No one is laughing clown. Religious zealot, fundamentalist radical. A furious breed.


from Loved, released August 31, 2018


all rights reserved


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