Doesn't Feel Pain Like He Should

from by KEN mode



He's a natural smiler; not all the memories were bad. Harsh words, with hard consonants. People buy into "we", and this positive affirmation means nothing - I would never do that. We're not fighting, we're just talking. You see? Not everything I say is a lie. It's the law in her eyes: bad word, inept guise. A diary of "why would you?", but it's fine, this is just for us. I don't care how you feel - I can say anything, and it's just as satisfying to me that you know: it was nice and sweet, and almost made me feel something. She treasures these moments; ruin them for her. Fabulous pleasure. Please yourself first. Everyone in my life is very kind to me.


from Loved, released August 31, 2018


all rights reserved


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